Marketing and Distributor Management

With the mission of "Introducing New Drugs, Promoting Rational Drug Use", we are committed to the marketing and management in China of new drugs and special import drugs for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical manufacturers both home and abroad. We have in operation a wide range of drugs covering anesthesia, pain treatment, gynecology, oncology, cardiovascular, etc. Through years of effort, we develop the pharmaceutical market through with management and standardized operation, and successfully expand our sales network to all over the country in just a few years.

We insist on the professionalized academic promotion, with a wealth of expert resources and end-use network in hospitals. We maintain good cooperative relations with the Chinese Medical Association and local societies in the field, and work closely with local leaders of respective research and treatment areas, by which we provide support to relevant academic research and field development.

We have an innovative VMS (Vertical Marketing System) covering all the aspects of product marketing, from product introduction, pricing filing, procurement tender, market development to end-user maintenance. Our VMS provides our over 60 VIP distribution partners with the most professional management services, by which we achieve mutual development with them together.

VMS (Vertical Marketing System)

  • Screening and Assessment Processes and Indicators of Distributor Qualifications
    • Bidirectional quota communication meetings between product managers and sales managers
    • Weekly, monthly, and quarterly information report system (with quota table)
    • Prevention system and review system for cross-region sales
  • Online Inquiry System of sales flow
    • Sales to hospitals and sub-distributors: purchase, sales, and inventory data system
  • Legislative evaluation process of promotion measures
    • Product Management Committee made up of distributors
    • Product Commissioners in target regions
    • Quarterly promotional themes
    • Sales training and experience sharing sessions
  • Crisis management processes and measures such as ADR