Medical Device

The business scope of medical device division mainly includes sales of medical equipments, hospital equipments, diagnostic reagents, consumables, scientific equipment, laboratory devices and other medical and health related products. Other than marketing and sales of said products, we also provide other full supply chain services as import registration for medical equipment, import and export agent, bonded warehousing, domestic sales, logistics and distribution, cold chain transportation for diagnostic reagents and so on.

The company is currently the national agent of cerebral function monitor NicoletOneMonitor from Natus company of unite states, GE ultrasound and imaging products, regional agent of BD women's health products, logistics and distribution service provider of Abbott 's diagnostic products.

While maintaining a good cooperative relationship with hundreds of domestic and international medical device companies, the company also keeps a healthy and close business connection with the government offices and end-user of hospitals. The total sales income has been increasing annually by 15% in recent years. In addition, the company is also engaged in group purchasing, centralized government procurement and international medical aid. Relying on its wholly owned subsidiary- Sinopharm Foreign Trade (Hong Kong) Limited, the company is dealing with transit trade and overseas projects. With the good credit and strong financial support, the company has can provide short-term financing, operating leases, cooperative bidding, bonded warehouse management for consumables and other value added services.