Bond & Logistics

Approved by Beijing Customs and Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Sinopharm Bonded Warehouse was set up in 2003 and was the first in Beijing which specialized in the services of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and related products. Later in 2010, Sinopharm-FTZ logistics Co., Ltd was established jointly by Sinopharm Foreign Trade and Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone development and management center ( ).

The bonded distribution center consists of two monomers of GSP standard storage facilities with a building area of 26000 ㎡. The A01 is a shadowy depot mainly used for storage of pharmaceuticals, reagents, vaccines and blood products with auto-stereo rack, cold storage (2-8℃) mobile-rack and a -20℃ cold storage. The A02 is a GSP standard normal temperature depot mainly used for storage of medicines, medical equipments and health products. The entire warehouse is facilitated with WMS from MA, meanwhile digital video surveillance system and network monitoring system are also used to ensure the warehouse security and temperature/humidity management respectively. In addition, visual information service and other related value-added services can be provided according to customers’ demand.

With the strong financial support from the parent company Sinopharm Foreign Trade and Sinopharm Group, Sinopharm Bonded Warehouse and Sinopharm-FTZ logistics are both well equipped with high-tech facilities and are well managed by a group of experienced personnel.

Bonded Services
With the support of SINOPHARM Group while enjoying the preferential policies in Free Trade Zone, the company is to provide one-stop PHARMA 3PL services with first class drug storage condition. We are able to meet our clients’ requirements on logistical operations, drug inspection and conservation.

There are two major benefits for bounded warehousing of imported products:

  1. All the products can enjoy a temporary exemption in import tax, import license as well as other import approvals during the storage period stipulated by Chinese Customs. In this way the enterprises can effectively avoid a pile-up in the product funds.
  2. When the goods are placed into the warehouse, all the storage costs and related taxes can be paid directly by final consignees after the sale, thus the costs on constructing their own warehouses can be saved for our customers.

Cold Chain Management

The Bonded DC is consist of several 2-8℃depots and a -20℃cold storage. Utilizing ethylene glycol as refrigeration medium, the double cooling system has been equipped with twin screw compressor and double constant temperature combined refrigeration for air tank. Besides, the DC has also applied PLC automatic temperature control system and humidity control system.

In order to meet customers’ demand for the tracking of cold chain management, all the cold storages are equipped with VPN multipoint temperature/humidity monitoring system, double backup data recording system and UPS uninterruptible power supply system. Transmission data storage system is used for network communication and meantime the text massage, sound and light alarm function and video monitoring are adopted for the entire place.

With the recorded information on temperature and humidity control, the DC has achieved visualization on the cold chain management platform set up for its clients.

International / Domestic Freight Forwarding

The Door-Door international / domestic freight forwarding services we provide mainly include booking service (sea and air transport, multimodal transport), direct distribution from airport to warehouse, customs declaration/ clearance service, commodity inspection, drug test, product insurance and other financial services.

As our most prominent advantage, the seamless integration of Zone-Port brings ultimate convenience in our one-stop customs clearance service. Moreover, all the goods stored in the zone can be freely transferred without any IMP/EXP licenses. In this case, we have set up a special F+Z modal for customs clearance. The cargoes are directly distributed from air port to the zone and the batches are dispatched separately yet collectively go through clearance once a month. In addition, there has also set up a specific drug administration to carry out supervision on import drugs by “One Copy Customs Clearance for Multiple Customs Declarations”.

Our Principles

Focused on considerate services and efficient management while oriented with the market trend, we provide comprehensive warehousing and related services covering rapid import, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, packaging and transportation. Based on the understanding of mutual benefit as well as the belief in honesty, we hope to become a reliable and indispensable partner to all our clients.